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The Proven Performer

The Original Premium Oil Portfolio with a Proven Track Record

Choose Mel-Fry Premium Frying Oils for Consistently Great Food

Available in multiple performance levels, the Mel-Fry® product portfolio lets the quality of your food shine through.

Blended especially for foodservice, Mel-Fry has a proven reputation for performance in even the most demanding kitchens. Our premium oils enhance food quality and provide a crisp, clean texture throughout their fry life to deliver more efficient and consistent frying with less flavor transfer.

It's our promise to you that with Mel-Fry, you will be able to deliver great food to your customers' plates every time.

See the premium difference for yourself!
premium difference
  • Improves food quality
  • Lasts longer than traditional vegetable oils
  • More dependable throughout the fry cycle
  • Fewer oil changes means less waste, labor and worry

Longer Fry Life Means a Lower Cost Per Day

There’s a premium Mel-Fry for every kitchen and service need. Our collection of high-quality blends provides longer fry life than commodity oils, meaning lower cost per day for you.

Extended Fry Life
Usage Cost
  • +75%-100%
    Fry Life*
    Mel-Fry Advanced
    Mel-Fry Advanced
    • Longest fry life in the Mel-Fry line
    Mel-Fry Original
    Mel-Fry Original
    • Specially formulated for
      high heat stability
  • +50-75%
    Fry Life*
    Mel-Fry Premium
    Mel-Fry Premium
    • High performance at
      a great value
    NEW Mel-Fry Premium Non-GMO
    NEW Mel-Fry Premium Non-GMO
    • Made with Non-GMO expeller pressed oils
  • +25-50%
    Fry Life*
    Mel-Fry Essential
    Mel-Fry Essential
    • Perfect entry point to premium oils
  • Traditional
    Vegetable Oil
*Compared to traditional vegetable oil.

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